Same Old Story

Same Old Story

I need a reminder today that Jesus is the coolest person this world has ever known. And I know that I am not the only one. Here are some of the ways Jesus was cool. Check Him out with me


I hesitate to use the word popular because it is so misused.  Fashionable cliques in school are the minority of students who are often disliked by majority. But Jesus was truly popular. Crowds followed Him everywhere even by the thousands. Once He had to get into a boat to get some room to teach the crowd. Another time He baffled his disciples by insisting on knowing who touched Him while so jammed in by the crowd He could barely move. It wasn´t for nothing that the leaders were jealous. Jesus was ADORED.


Unlike many of our celebrities He was not shallow and self-promoting. When people came out of curiosity He was nowhere to be found. He firmly squelched a plot to force him on a throne. Nor was He ever a jerk. The needy and crowds brought out His softest heart. The underdogs, little guys, and outcasts always found a friend in Him. He stood up for children and made special trips to restore a foreign woman´s  daughter and a widow´s only son. As He was dying, He reassured his mother and a miserable rebel. He gentle exposed his knowledge of a despised Samaritan. 


Jesus never wavered in His purpose of love and doubted His identity as God. He was fearless, never losing his cool even when some wanted to stone him or throw him off a cliff. He was not a provoking pest, simply earnest and firm. That doesn´t mean that all the accusations, innuendos and cutting disbelief never wounded Him. They did, still He never wavered in his compassion and sense of purpose.


Jesus was fun. He liked to sing and I believe He sang often. And He told such charming, eye-opening stories that people listened for hours without noticing they were hungry and tired. He was curious about the world around Him and most of all the people in it. He knew how to read people and their reactions.  And His strong connection to The Holy Spirit opened people´s hidden secrets when needed. Always His knowledge was used to convict of Truth and to draw them to Love and joy and peace – the abundant life.

And He is the One worthy of all our worship.



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