Top Biblical Language Resources for Independent Learning

Top Biblical Language Resources for Independent Learning

Biblical ĺanguage resource list

Hebrew Alef-bet

Every Hebrew learner has to begin with the alef-bet. I found a number of alef-bet charts online that I used to determine my preferred style to write the various letters.  Later I changed the way I wrote a few letters to a style that was easier to write well for me.  Having an alef-bet song is also very helpful. There are many on youtube, but the one I liked best was this simple Alef-bet sing-along. It seems to be the tune used for Jewish children.

Greek Alphabet

Alphabet song 1 Techno version

Alphabet song 2 Cowbell version

This video is an in depth review of all the ways to write Greek letters so you can choose your own style


Memrise has a 1000 word Biblical Hebrew course and also Biblical Greek ones.  Those courses must be found online with a browser before they are available on the app. Some words were easy, especially names. Some, like the word for remember, I could never remember. Mostly, it prepared me to recognize words as I read and copied them. Games and flashcards are most helpful for the first 100 words or so, but then the law of diminishing returns starts to set in. Also the gamified structure of Memrise reduces my thinking and listening and makes me hurry to the next word. Which is not the best for learning for some strange reason.

Audio Recordings

I really enjoyed Animated Hebrew´s verse by verse audio chapters, but wanted more content. Finally I settled in this app by Jaqersoft which I can enjoy offline.

I haven´t found a text with audio offline Greek version, so I have downloaded the Robinson-Pierpoint Byzantine audio version. The reading is a little stiff, but slowness and precision are perfect for beginning listeners. I open my Bible app and then open the audio recording to listen to while I read along. It is easy to pause when I need to. There is also a downloadable Reader´s Edition pdf which glosses less common words on the bottom of the page.


Hebrew for Reading Comprehension is William Paul Griffin´s unpointed Hebrew grammar. It only cost $15. Sadly, it was only available on Logos, so most Hebrew students will not happen across it.  But Logos does have a free membership level, which is good for those who don’t need all their other offerings. 

Beginning with New Testament Greek is supposed to the the latest, greatest in Biblical Greek grammars and it includes lecture links. It is available for $25 or less.

The Curriculum I missed

About six months ago I discovered the Alef with Beth Hebrew immersive style video curriculum project. There are downloadable grammar PDFs available as well. It was created by a Bible translator couple so anyone in the world can learn Biblical Hebrew and speed Bible translation work.  Alef with Beth starts at the absolute beginning. Since I was more advanced, I haven´t used it yet, but I think it would have some good review for me, some new vocabulary, and some good listening/speaking practice. It is very well done. They have also begun Alpha with Angela for Greek, that uses the same format. There are also some Hebrew Scripture songs that I enjoy and started me looking for more. Is there a more fun way to learn the Biblical languages than to sing them?

May you have a blessed path to the Bible in the original languages.


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